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Nachliel Selavan

Torah Intermedia LLC
Brooklyn, New York
Nachliel Selavan has developed a unique and engaging method of learning Torah through tour, travel and archaeology. He has engaged and taught thousands of students in both formal and non-formal settings in schools and communities in Israel and North America.
He is now teaching Jewish History at the Magen David Yeshivah High School in Flatbush, NY. Nachliel has completed his first MA at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and is studying for his second MA in Ancient Jewish History at Yeshiva University. He has created and delivered an integrated learning and museum tour program for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Nachliel created and delivered an integrated learning and museum tour program for both school and adult educational settings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and has hosted similar pilot visits to museums in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Toronto, Moscow, London and Jerusalem. He also teaches and engages audiences through social media and has recently joined a Tanach Study podcast called Parasha Study Plus, delivering a weekly episode of Archaeology on the Parasha.
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