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Harel Fenigstein

Harel is currently serving as a NYC Upper West Side Shaliach. Born and raised in Israel, he grew up in Ramat Gan and attended a Yeshiva high school in Ra’anana. Upon completing a full compulsory service in the IDF at MAMRAM (IDF’s main computers unit). Harel started his journey in the world of Jewish informal education doing 2 years of Shlichut in the Jewish community of Cape Town, South Africa. Following that, he worked for JAFI in the department of Jewish Education visiting and meeting different Jewish communities around the world, mainly Australia, UK and North America. From there Harel took the position of Head of Jewish studies programmes in MASA - a joint initiative of JAFI and the Israeli government for long term programs in Israel, while completing his BA studies in Art History and Theatre in the Tel Aviv University. He continued on his 2nd Shlichut as the main Shaliach for FZY (Federation of Zionist Youth) in the UK, working with the next generation of Jewish leadership in the UK. Returning to Israel, he took a detour and worked for few years as a content editor for an infant TV channel (HOP! & BabyFirst TV) including working on Rechov Sumsum's 10th season (Israeli Sesame Street). In 2016 he came back to JAFI working at the Shlichut Unit in the Community Shlichut track, as the manager of the Zionist Seminar Shlichut program - a 3 month Shlichut to Jewish day schools in Australia, and as the long term shlichim coordinator.

My Presenters Sessions

Saturday, February 15

8:45pm EST